What our young people say about school


After many months out of school, I did not receive an education. I was lost; I was adrift in a sea of despair. Then after many months wondering whether I could ever feel truly alive and invigorated again, I received a phone call. That call was my life line that a place for me had been found. I felt alive again. My life was never going to be the same. Gone would be the drudgery of a life without enlightenment. Farewell past and hello future.

– 6 Mar 2017

“This school has had a real impact on my life. Without it I would not have the life I have now.”


“Roman Fields staff are very supportive, loving and caring and they have changed my life for the better.”


“This school has turned my life around, everyone understands me.”


“It is the first time I have been excited about school. I used to cry and fight with my mum to stay at home and now I can’t get out of the door fast enough.”