Access to Roman Fields Car Park w/c 30/10/2017

As most of you are aware there was work being completed over the half term to fix a leak on the underground pipes which was affecting the heating. The good news is that the leak is repaired, however the remedial works took a little longer than planned, so there are still on-going works on the site next week and boilers are not yet working at full capacity.

What does this mean for you?

a) You will be unable to park in the car park nearest reception and all parking will be restricted to the rear car parks.

b) Individuals using block B will have to enter the block by the steps that lead to the games room and dining room as there will be no entry by the side next to the site managers office.

c) During most of the day you will be unable to use the exit gate and the site manager will be directing traffic accordingly to ensure that staff, visitors and contractors can park on site in the rear carparks by entering and exiting through the entrance gate only. 

d) Please direct any premises related issues to the office and not to the site manager as he will be concentrating on controlling traffic. When he does becomes available all work that has not been resolved by the office will be cascaded to him.

e) The contractors have kindly agreed to stop work during our busy traffic periods (when the majority of taxis drop and pick up young people) and during these times a driveable path will be made available to enter through the entrance gate and exit through the exit gate. We ask that traffic go slowly as large metal plates will be covering the holes in the tarmac and width is restricted. 

f) Areas that are fenced off – staff, young people, visitors and contractors must adhere to the designated areas and are not allowed beyond these fenced areas for their own safety


We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your cooperation while works are being completed.