Roman Fields was registered in Nov 2010. It provides personalised alternative education packages for young people who for a variety of reasons have had limited engagement with education. It is a county wide provision based near Hemel Hempstead.

The flexible and creative nature of the provision allows us to re-engage and motivate young people placing them on bespoke timetables that build on their strengths and interests and accesses accreditation from a variety of awarding bodies. We offer a provision for a wide range of ability including entry levels, vocational qualifications, GCSE and A Level. Please see our examination results as we are very proud of our youngsters and their achievements.

All young people on roll have EHC plan. Most of our young people are autistic, a minority present with SEMH challenges, whilst a few have combined diagnosis of both autism and SEMH. The vast majority of our young people are in KS4 (14-16) and KS5 (16-18) and we have a core offer of Maths, English, Science and ICT or Business. The rest of a young person’s timetable will be designed around their interests. We are also able to offer Humanities, French, Art, Economics and Music up to GCSE and beyond. Vocational courses are also available on site and through our partnerships with colleges and alternative education providers.

Referrals are made via SEN provision panel and if agreed by the panel, places are then financed as part of the ‘core placement budget’. We can accommodate up to 40 young people.

We work closely with all agencies involved with a child to maximise the exchange of information and ensure close communication. From the moment a young person joins we are actively looking at their abilities and areas of interest in order to secure successful onward transition. This was recognised by both Ofsted (Oct 2014) and the National Autistic Society (April 2014) as a strength of the provision along with the ‘never give up ethos.’ We are based on a community usage site and are an integral part of HCCs commitment to providing equality of access for all.

Our core values are:


Large print and paper copies of all information on this website can be obtained by contacting Mandy Crow or the school office.