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Careers and Transition

 "Careers guidance and planning for the future are admirable." ... "Transition arrangements are carefully planned and appropriate." - Ofsted 2019

Planned Transition

We carefully consider all possible options with each individual and their strengths and future aspirations in mind. Some students have successfully returned to mainstream schools to sit their A levels after experiencing GCSE success with us, others have stayed with us to complete their A levels prior to moving towards university. Others have opted for an apprenticeship, or the world of work, whilst a greater majority have transitioned successfully into mainstream colleges. We work hard to try to ensure that the next move is at the right level and enables our students to build on the success they have experienced with us.

We consider transition from the moment students join, however young they may be, so we can build confidence and social skills through working on areas of need identified in the Hertfordshire Skills Framework such as motivation, respect, resilience, organisation and teamwork. We do this by offering a programme of extended work experience, supported as necessary. We monitor the impact of this.

On a practical level we work closely with YC Hertfordshire to ensure we ‘tap into’ students’ interests to find the right work experience placement, college course and environment for success. We liaise with professionals, parents and, most importantly, our students to determine the next step. We are supported by additional partners which include the Careers and Enterprise Company and our local business adviser, who are all equally committed to helping to raise the aspirations of our students and secure the best outcomes for each of them, on an individual basis.

Within our timetabled provision, we ensure there is dedicated cross- curricula careers time, for example in PHSEE some students gain City & Guilds certificates and enterprise activities are undertaken. Staff triangulate this work through regular mentoring sessions with our students.

Most of our students have experienced difficulties in their young lives and struggle to cope with any change as a result. To address this we try to source every available opportunity to prepare them for this change. This has included joint courses with colleges / schools / employers, multiple taster days and supported visits during which we share all the relevant information on every student's strengths and weaknesses with our professional colleagues. We try to involve our parents in this as much as possible, so they can support the management of impending significant change.

We are also supported by Jobcentre plus support for schools.

Please click this link for information on Learning Pathways.

Onward Transition

Once our students join their new setting we offer to support them closely in the initial first few weeks (if they feel they would benefit from this) to ensure a seamless move.

Additional information on Careers can be found on the National Careers Service webpage. Read inspirational stories on  

We keep destination data - please contact us if you require this.

Labour Market Information

Please read countywide labour market information by following this link

Use the applications below to find out more information about specific job roles, their demand, and wages.

 Roman Fields Career Programme



We have fully achieved our Quality in Careers Standard.  Please click this link to see our certificate.

Additionally we have achieved 8/8 Gatsby Benchmarks - view our certificate here.


Roman Fields Foundation

 Roman Fields Foundation (Registered Charity Number 1176911) was registered in January 2018 to further provide opportunities for career related education.

Provider Access Request and Policy

Please contact Debra Waterfield, Careers Lead on 01442 256 915 or if you wish to make a Provider Access request.

For a list of possible careers events please follow this link.

Please read about how we achieved all eight Gatsby Benchmarks by reading our policy document here (due for review/revision in 2021).  Statutory guidance has now been updated.

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