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Roman Fields Academy home page

Roman Fields Academy and

Forest House Education Centre

Forest House Education Centre Staff

Some of the Roman Fields staff work across both Roman Fields and Forest House Education Centre.

Emma Davis

Assistant Head

Emma Davis is Assistant Head at Roman Fields. Part of the Senior Leadership Team, her role includes overseeing the quality of teaching and learning and behaviour across provisions. She is also an English and Film Teacher.


She has integrated many new processes that have moved Teaching, Learning and Assessment forward, leading to excellent outcomes for pupils. In previous roles, she oversaw the pastoral care and academic progress of a year group, working alongside colleagues and parents to make sure that the pupils had the best possible experiences at school, both socially and academically. 


Through leading and co-leading a subject area, she learnt how to manage a team effectively, and use tracking to build a full picture of pupils' progress, aiding further planning and decision making, hence improving academic outcomes. Emma joined Roman Fields in 2016 and is proud to be a part of a team who genuinely make a difference to the lives of pupils.


Rebecca Walton

Service Manager

Rebecca’s role at the centre is to oversee pupil progress, to communicate with pupils' parents or carers and all relevant professionals and to support the day-to-day aspects of pupils' experience, helping them to get the best outcomes (both academic and personal) from their time with us.


Rebecca builds excellent supportive relationships with pupils and parents alike, and is always on hand to offer a kind word or a listening ear. Rebecca has a wide range of experience, both within and outside of education, and works extensively and collaboratively with outside agencies to garner the best possible resources for each pupil.


Nicola Holmer


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Amanda Lavelle


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Hannah Harman

Administrative Assistant

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Roman Fields Academy home page

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