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Forest House Education Centre

Welcome to Forest House Education Centre

Forest House Education Centre (FHEC) is a hospital school for 13-17-year-old pupils, attached to the Forest House Adolescent Unit, a Tier 4 CAMHS inpatient facility on the Kingsley Green hospital site. The Centre provides education for the patients occupying the Adolescent Unit's sixteen beds, while additionally being the sole educator for eight 'day pupils' who are referred by Hertfordshire County Council through ESMA (the LA's tutorial service for pupils who are out of mainstream education for medical reasons).


Hertfordshire County Council commission this service and from September 2022 have chosen for it to operate as a service under the James Marks Academy Trust.

Admissions: Due to the nature of the pupils the Education centre is designed to support, there is no direct access through the usual application route as this is a bespoke service.

Roman Fields Academy home page

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