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"The curriculum is skilfully designed to focus on pupils’ individual needs and stages of development. Stimulating themes capture pupils’ interest and ensure that they make outstanding progress across all subjects." ... "This is because the curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of individual students exceptionally well." ... "Leaders have made continual refinements to their assessment systems. Leaders set accurate targets for pupils and monitor pupils’ progress against these targets thoroughly." - Ofsted 2019


Roman Fields curriculum is designed to enable pupils to re-engage in their learning and school. This is tailored to a pupil through the integration process with the aim of attending full-time in 6 weeks.


Fundamental to achieving this aim is identifying, assessing and meeting the needs of pupils through a curriculum that is coherently sequenced and is ambitious for their future success.


Parents of pupils at RFA are involved in this process, alongside other professionals when necessary.


The curriculum enables a pupil to access the core subjects of English, maths, science and PSHE with other subjects built around the needs and interests of the pupil. The core academic subjects provide the foundation for a pupil to access education beyond the end of Year 11, which supports their transition into the next steps in their education, employment and training.


Due to the nature of the provision and support provided to a pupil, there is a degree of flexibility in the subjects a pupil will attend, some of which do not lead to a qualification.


In Years 10 and 11 there are a range of qualifications for a pupil, including entry level, functional skills and GCSEs. Some of the qualifications are vocational, e.g. PSHE as these enable a pupil to see the benefits of sustained effort over time.


The course taken by a pupil is based on their needs and providing the most appropriate course of study for them.

Roman Fields Academy home page

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