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Roman Fields Academy home page

Roman Fields Academy and

Forest House Education Centre

Head Teacher's Welcome

Welcome to Forest House Education Centre

Executive Head: Trevor Orchard


Forest House Education Centre is part of the James Marks Academy Trust where we strive to create an environment in which each individual can flourish irrespective of their previous difficulties. We take a holistic approach to developing our pupils, from support for families, to bespoke educational programmes leading to successful onward transition.


Our success is built on a genuine collaborative partnership between Members, Trustees, staff, SEN professionals, schools/colleges, employers, parents/carers and our pupils; a partnership that has high aspirations for all and places the pupils in our care at the heart of every decision. Visitors to our sites are immediately struck by the respectful, calm and considerate atmosphere which mirrors the pride and commitment both our staff and pupils have in our community.


Trust, mutual respect and exceptional teaching are key to building the kind of relationships that have driven our early success at the Roman Fields Academy and we feel the team have replicated this educational ethos at the Forest House Education Centre.


Roman Fields was rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in January 2019. Please read the report, as we feel it accurately reflects our school.


There is a wealth of information on the website that I hope demonstrates our commitment to replicate what we have accomplished in our founder school across the Trust

Roman Fields Academy home page

Roman Fields


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Roman Fields Academy,

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