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Parent Support Group

Teachers are skilled, highly qualified and knowledgeable about their subjects." - Ofsted


Roman Fields Academy appreciate that parents may feel isolated when dealing with their child's complex needs; we also understand that we are not a typical mainstream school, where parents have the opportunity to form friendships at the school gate.


Sometimes, the biggest form of support can be garnered from those that have had similar issues themselves and as a result, can offer advice and empathise. In order to support the development of our community and the wider family, we run a Parent Support Group. In this group, parents can meet to discuss matters, listen to guest speakers both from within and outside of the organisation. 


This group is open to all parents who have a child on roll at Roman Fields. If you are interested in attending these sessions, please contact the school office.


Similarly, if you already attend these events and would like to see a specific subject covered, please do let us know as we welcome your feedback.

Roman Fields Academy home page

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