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Roman Fields Academy home page

Roman Fields Academy and

Forest House Education Centre

Comments from former pupils

"My time at RF has made me feel very cared for, happy, safe, and loved. I want to thank each and every one of you."


"Roman Fields changed me and made me a better person. They gave me everything I needed in life."


"Thank you for sharing a part of my journey by teaching me at your school and understanding me. The staff I have worked with have all been truly amazing."


"Roman Fields is an amazing school that I would have been lost without."

"Thank you for all the help Roman Fields has given me, I am really grateful as my life has changed a lot. I have matured a lot and don't find myself doing stupid things anymore. Roman Fields has helped me to get ready for the world and the challenges it throws at me"

Roman Fields Academy home page

Roman Fields


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Roman Fields Academy,

11 Box Lane, Hemel

Hempstead, HP3 0DF




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