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Pupil voice

Pupil Voice is one of the mechanisms through which, pupils give their opinions and suggestions on Academy life, in an open, honest and constructive way. At Roman Fields Academy, we believe that all pupils are entitled to contribute actively in shaping the educational experience they and their fellow pupils receive.  Roman Fields Academy is committed to giving pupils every opportunity to communicate their needs, which is then reflected in their own bespoke timetables.


Pupil Voice meet regularly to look at a wide variety of issues that come under the broad headings of Environment, Charities and Pupil Wellbeing, and play an increasingly important role in the interview process for prospective staff. 


The mentoring system provides another mechanism, through which, the opinions and needs of pupils can be brought to the whole school. Our curriculum focus around social communication, ensures pupils overcome the anxiety they may feel around expressing their views.


Careers, Transition & Work Experience pupil survey

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Roman Fields Academy home page

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