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Roman Fields Academy home page

Roman Fields Academy and

Forest House Education Centre

James Marks Academy Trust

Established in 2021, the Trust has the remit of supporting pupils who are academically able but have been unable to access school as a result of significant anxiety, or mental health issues. The Trust aims to build on the success of Roman Fields Academy – a provision in the west of Hertfordshire that has won plaudits for its work with anxious pupils, particularly those with ASC.


The Trust's ambition is to further expand and improve the educational provision of those with special educational needs across the county. Consequently, we have opened a free school: The James Marks Academy. This is currently housed on the Roman Fields site whilst the building is constructed in the East of the county. This school will build on the work already accomplished at Roman Fields through supporting a larger cohort of vulnerable pupils in another geographic area. 

Roman Fields Academy home page

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