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Roman Fields Academy home page

Roman Fields Academy and

Forest House Education Centre

Comments from other agencies and professionals

Highlights from our most recent Ofsted report


  • ‘The Headteacher provides exceptional leadership. His clear vision, motivation and high expectations have ensured this outstanding school is continuously improving.’

  • ‘The management committee is highly effective. Members know the school extremely well and they have an excellent range of skills and experience to hold leaders to account’

  • ‘Leaders demonstrate strong knowledge and expertise in supporting pupils with ASD and mental health needs. Outcomes are outstanding’

  • ‘The curriculum is skilfully designed to focus on pupils’ individual needs and stages of development. Stimulating themes capture pupils’ interests and ensure they make outstanding progress across all subjects.'

  • ‘Teaching is outstanding’

  • ‘Pupils’ personal development and welfare are outstanding and at the heart of the school's beliefs and values. Pupils specific needs and difficulties are addressed through personalised plans. As a result their outcomes are outstanding’

  • ‘the quality of care provided to pupils is exemplary’

  • ‘Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the school. They value the effectiveness of the support from adults and the difference it makes to the lives of their children’

  • ‘The headteacher has created a culture of excellence’

  • ‘Staff demonstrate the highest levels of care and commitment to pupils. They expertly manage each pupils needs and share unreservedly in the headteacher’s aspirations’

  • ‘Staff morale is high. Staff speak highly of school leaders and the high quality training they receive.’


We also invite you to read our Latest Ofsted Report in full.

Feedback from other agencies


"My interviews with the teachers have demonstrated their compassion, understanding and high aspirations for the young people in your provision. I was really touched by some of the pupils' and parents' responses to the support they receive at Roman Fields." - Academic Researcher


"I feel that Roman Fields have been able to engage with youngsters who could have been at high risk of self-harm or even suicide, and that their confidence in them has helped the young people to succeed and recover from their mental health difficulties." - Mental Health Professional


"Every student is known in depth by teaching and non-teaching staff. Developing strong relationships between staff and students is key. There is a clear moral purpose at the school and high levels of trust between staff and students" - The Virtual School


"Your enthusiasm and passion shone through and I left feeling hugely empowered about the difference that the right provision can make to young people with autism and other complex needs, as well as those who come from a difficult or disjointed educational background and have been out of education for a significant period of time" - Visiting Educational Psychologist

Roman Fields Academy home page

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