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"Safer recruitment procedures are comprehensive. The single central record is maintained carefully and meets requirements. Recruitment is thorough." - OFSTED 2019


"The leadership team has ensured that all safeguarding arrangements are fit for purpose. Those with responsibility for safeguarding ensure that it is taken very seriously. The designated person is tenacious in following up any concerns." - OFSTED 2018



It is the responsibility of all members of staff and Management Committee members to ensure that safeguarding is of paramount importance.


This includes minimising any safeguarding risks for pupils and engendering a culture of vigilance and awareness, in all of our work. It is important to make a clear distinction between safeguarding and child protection. Safeguarding is the work completed with all pupils whereas child protection is more concerned with the procedures used for pupils who have been harmed or who are at risk. Roman Fields has (and maintains) very strong links with a range of external agencies and support groups to ensure that safeguarding is the main driving factor in the work that we do.


Safeguarding forms a very large part of the work completed at Roman Fields and it is our number one priority. Our aim is to create a positive culture where safeguarding is an important part of everyday life. We consider ourselves to be ‘outstanding’ and this view is reinforced and validated by a range of outside agencies as well as other key stakeholders. Safeguarding training forms an important part of the continuing professional (CPD) of all members of staff at Roman Fields. Safeguarding policies, procedures and systems are tested, reviewed and audited on a very regular basis. Pupils are taught the skills, knowledge and awareness to enable them to stay safe both in education and beyond, into their own personal life.


Please see the information and links below to find out more information on Safeguarding at Roman Fields. Please feel free to contact the school on should you require any further information:


Safeguarding Team and Leadership

Staff NameResponsibilities
Nik PringleSafeguarding Committee Member
David MorganDesignated Senior Person for Safeguarding
Scott MartinDeputy Designated Senior Person for Safeguarding
Emma DavisDeputy Designated Senior Person for Safeguarding
Ashley PurserDeputy Designated Senior Person for Safeguarding

Safeguarding : how effective are we?

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